Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Triple Header

I am taking a break from fighting the completely futile battle of trying to clean my freshman dorm room of an apartment. I'm thinking of just moving and leaving everything here - just to avoid having to organize all my piles and piles of crap.

I have made what is probably the monumental mistake of booking dates for the next 3 nights in a row. Unfortunately, I felt like I couldn't put anyone off any longer, and these are some of the few nights that I'm not on call, so I need to put them to productive use.

Date #1: Tomorrow night with Sailor Guy. We're going to do dinner somewhere in Hollywood, since I made the effort of driving out to Pasadena last time. He's really charming and sweet, but I'm still balking because I think he's way more excited than I am.

Date #2: The BIG date, Friday night. This is the aforementioned third date with My New Boyfriend. Hopefully will go so well that his nickname will be less and less of a tongue-in-cheek thing and closer to an actual reality. But you never know, it could just fizzle too...

Date #3: Saturday night at the Wiltern with Cute Chinese Guy. Like I said before, I wish I hadn't committed to this one, since there is so much going on that night, but I'm sure that I'll have fun anyway. I just have to remember that I actually had fun and liked hanging out with him on the last date - it's so easy to forget that in between dates - especially when I'm so infatuated with MNB.

In the world of prospects, eHarmony Writer Guy suddenly reappeared. He said he was "crazy and got really sick" so I guess I'll give him a shot. He's emails have become rather lackluster so I don't really know. On Match I was corresponding with some guys that I was REALLY not interested in until the guilt finally got to me and I broke it off. I'm still talking to one who seems semi-promising, Mr. Hawaii. Maybe too far over the geek fence for me (which says a lot, ask The Sister), but maybe not. I'm trying to keep everything else moving VERY slowly, since my dating plate is FULL FULL FULL. Now back to some pointless rearranging of mess followed by a bbq in honor of my friend Elisesetfire being in town.

Lyrics of the Day
"I've tripped again and things are starting to get interesting. Don't give me choices 'cuz I can't decide." Anna Nalick Consider This

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restaurant gal said...

Good luck on Friday with MNB! Hope it's all fireworks and no fizzle.

The Gal