Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blowing It

I really hope that I'm overreacting and being unduly pessimistic, but I'm pretty sure that I blew it tonight with Tall Guy (which is SO not like me!).

I am never allowed to go out with a guy that I'm actually interested in again. I have this ability to be so cool and charming with guys that I'm not interested in: but the moment I talk to a guy I like I'm a blithering idiot. And that's what I was tonight. I talked too much, I said stupid-ass things, I tried to be impressive but failed miserably.

Okay, I really hope that I'm wrong, and I'm overestimating my own stupidity. He did say that "we should do this again soon" but he also cut out of the date to "go back to work." So I have no idea what to think. I feel like I should do that thing where I email him and say thanks for last night, but then again I think that sounds desperate. Kelley says that I should just wait for him to call, so that's my plan.

Like I said: I'm never again allowed to go out with anyone that I'm actually interested in.

Lyrics of the Day
"So don't expect too much, okay, 'cuz the best and the worst might have passed anyway." Maria Taylor Light House

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