Sunday, May 28, 2006

You've Been Very Patient

So here it is. The post on date #2 with My New Boyfriend. I feel like I've built it up too much, and I'm not sure the story is even that long, but here it is:

We met at 6:30 on Friday at LaLa's (an Argentinian place) on Melrose. We had changed the location because it has been nice out and we decided to go somewhere with a patio. I told him I was up for it on the condition that he shared a pitcher of Sangria with me. I arrived (ridiculously on time, as usual) and he was already there. Have I mentioned that I love punctuality? We hugged, then went to sit and eat. I vowed this time not to make such an ass of myself, and to ask more questions and get more of a feel for what he is looking for, etc. We agreed on a pitcher of red Sangria (they have a white variety as well) and got to it. Early on he revealed that work had suddenly gotten nutty that day, and that he had a ton of work he was going to have to do over the weekend. So I knew that he would beg out early, but I was only mildly disappointed, as I had plans to meet up with friends at a karaoke bar later. I had invited him, but he doesn't seem to be too big on the karoke - imagine! But I pretty much knew that he wouldn't be up for it, which was just solidified by the work comment.

Anyway, things almost sorta kinda went like the first date. He said it himself, he's a man of few words. I don't mind that in general, but in a formal dinner-date setting, I over-compensate. On the bright side, he seemed fairly amused, and possibly entertained by me. We talked about high school, I had this feeling that he was one of the popular kids, but I was wrong. Is it silly to be happy about that? We talked about being young, and he made a comment about liking Matchbox cars more than girls when he was a kid. Then he said, actually I still feel that way. I laughed and said that at least I now know what I'm up against. We ate, we ordered a second pitcher of Sangria (they were actually caraffes, so it's not like we were getting hammered or anything). Then he said he was beat and it was time to call it a night. The check came and I tried to take it, but he took it from me and wouldn't even let me contribute. I wish I didn't love that so much, but I really do.

We left, I had valeted (is that a word??) my car, so I gave my ticket to the valet and we commenced with the goodbyes. I offered up the excitement of karaoke one more time, but of course he declined. Then I said we should do it again soon and he said "definitely" in a fairly emphatic tone, so I took that as a good sign. We leaned in for the kiss, and... Fireworks. Okay, maybe not fireworks, but very good kisses nonetheless. He moved in like he was ready to pull back and make it a peck if it didn't seem to be working, but it worked. Oh my gracious, did it work. And it just solidified his position as My New Boyfriend.

Then of course, I left and went to the karaoke bar, which resulted in the numbered post which I still haven't totally filled you in on. But the date was a rousing success, and I'm almost literally waiting by the phone for him to call me so we can schedule date number three.

See why I need to keep saying yes to other people? Too much pressure!

Lyrics of the Day
"It's that pivotal moment, it's, ah, impossible." Faith Hill This Kiss

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