Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I was ambushed on date #3 with Tattoo Guy! We planned to meet outside of The Garden of Eden, where they were holding the PP charity Bingo event. Suddenly he comes walking up with another friend with him. Little did I know, a few of his friends were attending the event with us. Now, I don't actually have a problem with this, but it made it impossible for me to follow my plan of telling him that I'm not attracted to him! Worse still, I had a really great time. I caught myself wishing last night that I had met him in any other way, and that we could just be friends.

Despite the ambush and failure of my 3rd date agenda, the presence of the friends did prevent the obligatory make-out session, so at least I was off the hook in that way. Now I'll just have to switch the 3rd date plan to a 4th date plan. This time, nothing can stand in my way, because I don't want to get any closer to leading him on than I already am.


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