Friday, May 12, 2006

Fast Forward Button

Where is one? I want to make this day be over already! It's insanely quiet at the hospital - especially for a Friday. I'm sitting in front of the computer, waiting for Tall Guy to write me back and tell me if he's avail to meet on Monday night. I had a dream last night that I went on a couple of dates with him and they were awesome. Then I left my new dressy white heels at his house, and somebody colored the straps black. So I went frantically searching for a new pair, because I really needed to wear them for something. I was walking up and down the mall (a strange mix of the Bozeman and Glendale malls) trying to find the store where I bought them. I have no idea what that has to do with anything - it was just weird.

Lyrics of the Day
"I had a dream last night, and it fit me like a glove, it was a scream last night, it was getting kinda fun (yeah, rock out, whatever)" Butthole Surfers Whatever (I Had a Dream)

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