Friday, May 19, 2006

Oh, Right, and the Dating Thing

I've been all up on my little soapbox for the last day and a half and I haven't been updating you all on the actual subject of this blog. So here goes...

The real reason that I haven't been blogging about the dating much, is that I'm totally distracted by my attraction to Tall Guy. I'm pretty much just fixated on the idea of our second date, and (regretfully) as a result I'm semi-ignoring all the other guys. Of course, that's not the truth either, as I'm going out with all of them in the next 4 days.

Cute Chinese Guy and I are meeting tonight at 6:30 for Indian food. If I don't have the time of my life, I'm going to beg off early, since I'm exhausted today for some reason. But he has been increasingly nice and open (did I say all this already?) so I'm not entirely pessimistic.

Tattoo Guy and I just set plans to grab Mexican food in Los Feliz tomorrow for an early dinner before L.A. J's bday party. He's having me meet him at his house, and said multiple times how he's looking forward to seeing me since it's been a while. Tomorrow is the do-or-die date, where I really need to get the guts to tell him the truth about my lack of attraction.

Sailor Guy and I are meeting Monday, which I've already talked about. And that pretty much fills up my next 4 days, except for Sunday, when I'm going to try to catch up on "Lost", sleep and the Hollywood Farmer's Market.

Lyrics of the Day
"I must admit I was charmed by your advances. Your advantage left me helplessly into you." Death Cab for Cutie Title Track

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