Sunday, May 28, 2006

Proof that Life is Just Like "Sex & the City"

In the episode of Sex & the City, at the beginning of season 6, where Carrie is about to have her first date with Berger, she's very nervous about the date. Incidentally, she has also just been asked out by another guy, one that she's not terribly interested in. Carrie says, "This proves my theory that all a girl needs to get a date, is another date." She decides to go out with him, to take the pressure off of the date with Berger, which is the guy that she's really actually into. See what I'm saying here?

My point is, dates beget dates and real life really can be just like Sex & the City. Except with much cheaper and more conservative clothing. I went to Best Buy today to think about breaking down and buying the TV that I've been trying to buy for the last three months and immediately got picked up by an adorable little salesboy. I know that I'm going to get a TON of crap for this, and I considered not even blogging about it, but I figured that I'm already putting it all out there and I might as well suck it up and be perfectly honest. I gave my number to a 23 year old actor. Please, stop yelling! You're going to make me cry! But seriously, he is really adorable, thinks I'm the most fascinating person on the face of the earth, and got me free delivery on the TV that I FINALLY was able to commit to. I can't commit to a man, but I did manage to commit to a TV. But the real point is, other dates sort of take the pressure off of My New Boyfriend. If I was only seeing him, I'd be focusing far too much of my obsessive energy on him. So it's good, and important, for me to keep my eyes and mind open and to accept dates with cute boys, even when they're far too young and they're actors. Like my girl Fernival said today: He can just be some fun, nothing with a future, but some good ol' fun.

A change in attitude brings a change in reaction. I'm walking on air and apparently everyone can tell.

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