Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Sigh of Relief

Okay, I have 5 more minutes until my Crest Whitestrips are done, so I'm sneaking in one last blog for the evening (before I pathetically crash out before the sun even sets).


My New Boyfriend is still my new boyfriend. I was right on the holiday weekend no calling assumption - THANK THE LORD. He called and once again we had a very pleasant conversation. But...

I am SO disappointed. Remember how I didn't really want to commit to Cute Chinese Guy and the concert on Saturday night? Well, aside from the fact that 2 of my friends are having functions that evening (which of course none of them could have told me about BEFORE SATURDAY when I committed to the damn concert), but My New Boyfriend was sad when he found out I'll be at the show on Saturday, because HE'S HAVING A PARTY AND WANTED TO INVITE ME TO IT. And I can't go. He likes me enough to invite me to a party at his house where his friends will be and I CAN'T GO. I guess I'll just have to pretend that I'm keeping the mystery alive or something.

But we are going to go out on Friday instead. I know I've heard warnings about the once a week date thing moving you from dating to something more serious more quickly, but I like him enough for it. I'm naming our unborn children and worrying about how to introduce a non-white guy to my conservative Republican family. I already know what cute-but-not-overdone gift I'm going to give him for the first gift giving occasion. Yes, I'm absolutely going girly-ass crazy with this stuff - but I really like the guy!

Okay, maybe I'm not actually naming our children, but I am making sweeping statements in all caps about plans that I wish we could have made. *sigh*

Lyrics of the Day
"I used to think maybe you loved me, now baby I’m sure. And I just can’t wait till the day when you knock on my door." Katrina and The Waves Walking on Sunshine

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