Monday, May 01, 2006

And it Begins Anew

I just talked to Cute Chinese Guy. The conversation didn't flow quite as easily as it did with Tattoo Guy, but I still think there could be some potential there. So we've got a coffee date for this Thursday evening. Good, low pressure start.

Date number three with Tattoo guy was just scheduled for tomorrow. I know it's a bad idea to go out with him three Tuesdays in a row - but I'm going to make the decision tomorrow, so I figure that I can get away with it. Plus, it's a Planned Parenthood charity Bingo event he invited me to, and I love bingo. I also really support PP, so it's a doubly good cause.

Lyrics of the Day
I want somebody who can hold my interest, hold it and never let it go." Ani DiFranco Asking Too Much

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