Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Morning After

I had a very fun birthday, but now I'm hung-over and tired and I want to go home. Okay, that was enough whining, now onto the good stuff...

Match is driving me nuts. I feel so bad blowing off these guys that seem perfectly nice, but I just really don't find attractive. But I don't want to end up going on pity dates either, because that's just a bad waste of time and I'm now too damn old (yes, the cutoff for pity dates is 25) to be doing that kind of thing. I would scream, but that's just so not effective in writing. I did, however, just start talking to a guy on Match whom I initiated contact with, CEO Guy. He's pretty cute and we'll see if it actually ends up leading to a date. I'm not sure about him...

I am getting increasingly excited about Tall Guy. He answers all my questions in exactly the right way! I asked him about spiders, and without prompting he said he never kills them, he puts them outside. He's a Clippers not a Lakers fan. He has great taste in music. He knows that being allergic to milk is different than being lactose intolerant. He said "we'll have to get you to a Clippers game." He made an overture about going to a She Wants Revenge show with him in June - so I said of course I'd be interested and suggested that maybe we should have coffee or a drink somtime a little sooner than June. Yay!!

Tattoo Guy called me yesterday to say Happy Birthday. Cute Chinese Guy called to say he hoped I was feeling better (he didn't know it was my birthday). They're both really sweet. Who knew this would be such a good experience?

Lyrics of the Day
"This is the first day of my life, I'm glad I didn't die before I met you." Bright EyesFirst Day of My Life

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