Friday, May 19, 2006

To Blog or Not To Blog

Having someone at work to do most of my work for me has it's good and bad points. There are very annoying clerical things, like filing, that I never really have to do. Can't complain much about that. Then there's the very huge drawback of ending up with quite a lot of time on my hands. Most of you know that I do not do well in general with boredom. I tend to get cranky, then depressed, then hopeless, then I eat an entire bag of cookies or something. If this happens enough in a short span of time I hit the worst phase of all: fat.

BUT, today, instead of doing the above things (on the road to fat), I've been reading blogs. This is something that (aside really from Defamer), I've only recently started doing. I have to say, that it's actually really fun and puts my own blogging efforts in better perspective. I was, specifically, reading some of the dating bloggers on one of my favorite sites . They have a little thing where they get people to blog and then they are rated and voted on or off depending on how much the readers like them. I've known about this exercise for quite a while, but this is really the first time that I've spent any time reading them.

I realized, as I was reading the first one, how abstract blogging really is. I'm reading this person's innermost thoughts and actions, and I'm realizing that it's happening right now on the other side of the planet, and yet, it still seems like something fictional to me. But it also makes me feel less alone, less strange, less like someone going through something that other people don't go through. Just because I have a bunch of friends that don't do much dating or any internet dating, doesn't mean that nobody does these things anymore. It's refreshing really.

But it also begs the question: how much should one really reveal? Is full-disclosure about one's life really a good policy? Do we really need to write about and share EVERY thought that comes into our heads? I've been trying not to do that here - not to use this as a forum for self-expression. I don't need to bore most of you with that. But I am trying to write about things that are related to my ongoing experiences in the world of internet dating to give it more context and to give everyone (myself included) a little more to think about.

But really, I don't think I've answered my own question - nor do I think that I ever will. How Hamlet of me!

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