Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blame it on Six Feet Under

Last night I met Sailor Guy in Pasadena for drinks, and as it turned out, some basketball watching. I can't believe my good fortune: I'm actually meeting guys in LA who like sports!! Who would've thought that that would be so rare?

He was actually cuter than I expected - the range of pictures that he has on his profile made it hard for me to tell. I was actually a little worrried that I wouldn't recognize him, but it worked out just fine. He reminded me all night of Freddy Rodriguez from Six Feet Under. He's not quite the same ethnically, but has a similar look and a very similar way of speaking. I won't go into the minutiae of the date, but overall it was a really nice time. I know that he really liked me, because he let the "we should go wine tasting sometime" line slip. When they start hinting at weekend trips on the first date, you know you've made a good impression. So there will be a second date with Sailor Guy.

But what I'm really excited about, is that following the very sad ending of the Clippers/Suns game last night, I set date #2 with Tall Guy. We're going to get dinner on Friday Night. Yes folks, that's right, we've got an official weekend date with the guy that we actually like. Creepy. I sound like Morla the Ancient One from the Neverending Story. But I digress... the point is that we set date number two, and that he likes me enough to use a weekend night on me. And vice-versa of course, because you know I don't give away my weekend nights easily. Once the phone call ended, I hopped up and down in my bedroom and did a little happy dance.

Now if I can only manage to act like a normal human being on this date...

Lyrics of the Day
"Now it's our chance, we'll feel complete. I'll ask you to dance and if you'll agree: it's me and you, that makes two, with four left feet." The Ditty Bops Four Left Feet

*Lyrics of the Day today in honor of the release of The Ditty Bops second album!

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