Saturday, May 20, 2006

Surprising Seconds

Last night I had date #2 with Cute Chinese Guy. Things were thrown a little off course (which I had a feeling would happen) when I was paged 10 minutes before I was supposed to meet him for dinner. We had changed the location from Electric Lotus to Ethiopian food, because he ended up being on-call for a short time as well and he wanted to eat somewhere closer to his work. So it was near 7:30 by the time I finished up at the hospital and headed to meet him.

When I got to his work, he had finished everything he needed to do, so we decided to go back to the original plan and go to Electric Lotus. As I predicted (every once in a while I can be right about a guy!) he loosened up a ton on this date. I really think that he was nervous and intimidated by the whole experience the first time around, which is what caused the date to be so formal. Dinner was great, the conversation was good, and we shared two dishes which both turned out to be really good. Indian food is really a great date idea, because it's such a communal eating experience, but you can still eat it gracefully. We were still having a good time so we decided to walk down to the Dresden Room for drinks after dinner. He insisted on paying the dinner check, so I told him he had to let me pick up the drinks at the Dresden.

We got there and it was pretty busy, but there were still places to sit and we ended up being able to snag a table which was a big bonus. We continued chatting, and somewhere after drink #2 (counting the wine with dinner as #1), he said, "I just have to do this," and leaned over and kissed me. I was caught totally off-guard, because I hadn't even been thinking about the goodnight kiss thing. He said that he didn't want to sit around being nervous about it all night, so he figured he should just do it. It was a little Annie Hall/Good Will Hunting, but it was still cute and charming. We had a couple more drinks and then cut out as it was nearing midnight, because we were both tired and had had enough to drink.

He took me back to my car, and of course, there was a bit more kissing (not enough to call it making out) in his car. He is actually a really good kisser - it was a much more pleasant experience than that with Tattoo Guy. Then I got out, and went home.

So, the conclusion is that I actually kinda like Cute Chinese Guy. Not at the level I'm at with Tall Guy, but he's definitely someone I will go out with again, and could see dating for a bit. He's intelligent and listens well, he's cute and considerate, he tried to fight me for most of the drinks at the Dresden. There are two big "buts" to this equation though: I think I saw the tip he left at dinner, and it wasn't a good one. Also, he's definitely way more into me than I am into him. But that's part of what makes me attractive (unfortunately), I'm so at ease and able to play it cool when I'm not stressing about liking a guy. That's where my infatuation with Tall Guy is going to bite me in the ass. Anyway, in conclusion, it was a really successful date - much more successful than I really thought it was going to be, and I'm glad that it was. So unless Tall Guy proposes next week, there will be a date #3 with Cute Chinese Guy.

Stay tuned tonight or tomorrow for the status of Date #4 with Tattoo Guy.

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