Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Catching Up on Bullet Points

Okay, so I've been very lazy, perhaps due entirely to the 72-hour Memorial Day drunk-fest that I've just endured, but here I am to finally update you all on all the wackiness I've yet to comment on. Let's start with Friday night:

1. My date, which I've already covered.
2. Getting jacked at karaoke: I swear, the bar wasn't even that busy, and we didn't put songs in THAT late, but I totally never got to sing. My friend Red even lied to the KJ (Karaoke Jockey for the underinformed) and said I was a "karaoke virgin" to get me moved up on the list. I had put in a duo of Summer Nights with Red's neighbor Actor B and we got to sing that - but almost at the very end of the night. Oh, the injustice!
3. The Extra-Tall Guy: The bar was closing. I went back in to find Red, who was in the bathroom. I somehow met and started a flirtation with this very cute boy who was 6'5". Unfortunately I have no idea what the conversation consisted of, or what the heck his name was. I ended up giving him my number, but knew that he would never call. He was on the sketchy side, but you know how I am about those tall boys.
4. Bob's Big Boy: We all decided to go to Bob's after the bar, for late night (and terrible idea) munchies. We had a tagalong in the form of this very odd guy that Red managed to pick up. Not to be a bitch, but what self-respecting man over thirty dies his hair "Josh Jackson in Urban Legend" frosted blonde?? Plus, he sorta looked like the new American Idol guy, whom I find to be incredibly creepy. There's a billboard of his face on Pico right now, right by the Fox lot, and every time I drive by it I can't decide whether I think he wants to eat me head or feet first. EW. I ate an entire double burger + fries. What was I thinking?
5. Home safe: I got home, sat down in front of the computer, and managed somehow to type out these bullet points, though I remember it being a struggle.

On to yesterday's points:
1. Monday Funday started out with our traditional drinking brunch, at the Saddle Ranch this time. It was probably the most mellow brunch we've had, but The Sister entertained with stories from possibly The Most Insane Road Trip That Arizona Has Ever Seen. We walked to and from the bar, both for exercise and to avoid any tipsy driving issues.
2. Poolside: We got home and retired to the pool where we tanned a little and hung with some of the neighbors. One of The Sister's neighbors used to work with a friend of mine from college - small freakin' world! We drank a couple of Bud Lights (cuz we're CLASSY like that) and managed to stand putting our legs in the ice-cold water all the way up to the knee.
3. 2-for-1: We then decide that it was high-time for some 2-for-1 margaritas at the Cabo Cantina, so we walked back up to the Sunset Strip. The problem was, The Sister lost her ID in the Arizona Trip Debauchery. So, armed with a birth certificate and a YMCA membership ID, we approached the door guy. He not only let The Sister in, but he thought that it was about the cutest tactic ever. Yay for door guys!
4. The SisterLBAlexMark: We had been at the Cantina for a while, and had all but given up on picking up any guys due to our recessed location, when a very cute boy gets The Sister's attention, then eventually comes to join us. His friend then joins as well, there was a lot of name-saying, to make sure that everyone knew everyone's name. Then there was drinking, drink spilling, some arguing, some consideration of the idea of beer pong and finally us girls had to sneak out with just the exchange of phone numbers. It was getting late and this little old lady had to try to get to bed at a decent hour.
5. Queens of the Saddle Ranch: We made one more stop over at the SR, to say hi to a guy that my sis is going on a date with (tonight actually!). We received a ridiculous welcome from our fave SR manager and from The Sister's date, The Bartender. We somehow managed to stay upright long enough to drink 2 more drinks (neither of which we were charged for), get a free dessert, and then walked our intoxicated asses back home.
6. My New Best Friend: I woke up at 4 am and realized that my body was violently objecting to all the sugary crap that I had eaten and drank all day on Monday. I was forced to leap out of bed to purge, followed by a soothing dose of Pepto Bismol. I woke up for work in the morning with a ring of pink on my lips. SEXY.

Thankfully this is the end of my Bullet Point Catch-Up blog. Later today, perhaps we'll have some time to update on the actual internet dating action that was missing from my weekend antics.

Lyrics of the Day
"But when you set'em up, I'm drinkin'em down." Cherry Poppin' Daddies Pink Elephant


Papa jon said...

I forgot to mention that Bob's was a really bad idea. We all could've driven home but I guess we had to make sure Lisa was ok. What ever happen to Lisa and that weird dude?

Papa jon said...

I forgot to mention to you that Bob's Big Boy was a horrible idea for an after muchie bar hangout. We all could've driven home, but we just wanted to keep an eye on Lisa. What happed to her and the weird dude anyhow?