Friday, June 16, 2006

A Weekend Off

This weekend I am on-call for work, which means that I'm going to try to take a serious break from my usual weekend antics. I know that I've said such things before, but this time I mean it. You've all been fortunate to get to know me in this current stretch of friendly job scheduling. When I first started working full-time in February and March, I was so busy and stressed out and exhausted, I hardly left my house unless it was because I was on the way to the hospital. But since I've had some help join me here at my little lab, I've been able to take a step back and have this little social life that I've been telling you all about. But generally I am on-call every other weekend and at least two nights a week. Being on-call means this: I carry a pager (like some bad, early-90's drug dealer), I need to be within 45 minutes of my hospital, I cannot get drunk. So, for these reasons, my social life suffers a bit when I'm on-call. But this weekend, that's a good thing, because I need a real break from all the madness. I'm going to try to spend time outdoors (at the BEACH!!) this weekend, but I'm avoiding making any nighttime plans. Those hours are going to be for sleeping for once!

This is my Ghetto-fabulous pager. It's like having a leash that wakes you up at 1:00 AM, just for fun!

I got a comment on my last post about confronting the situation with Tall Guy. I totally understand where it is coming from, and I think that a week and a half ago, this commenter would have been right. But at this point this problem is that I'm not even sure if I'm that into him. I don't want to talk myself into anything that I'm not even sure I want. Plus, check out my Daily Romantic Horoscope:

Dear LB,
Here is your single's love horoscopefor Friday, June 16:
If a romantic situation's getting on your nerves, why not give it the heave-ho -- at least temporarily? The stars say you'll have more fun with friends right now anyhow. Relax and let it sort itself out for a bit.

If that's not a sign from the heavens, I don't know what is...

Lyrics of the Day

"And I want to be addicted, I want to be secure, I want to wake up after the night before. But do you ever get me?" Everything But the Girl Get Me

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