Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Giddiness Ensues

I love being right. I had written before that I was hoping to regain my lost giddiness when date #4 with My New Boyfriend was on the books. And here I am, giddy like a school girl, waiting for my days to fly by.

I had told MNB that I was going to call him at the end of date #3 on Friday night. This is my new, and probably futile, attempt at Regaining The Power. So I called him on Sunday evening, on my way out to the bar, but got his voicemail - giving the damn power right back to him. But I had debated the "call or play it really cool" question, and decided that I didn't want to play it that cool, and risk perpetuating the pattern further.

He called me back last night - as I had hoped he would. He proceeded to ask me about each day of my weekend (which sounds little and stupid, but is one of those things that can impress a girl) and then proposed a movie for date #4 this Wednesday. That's right folks: we are entering Less Than a Week Between Dates Territory. Hallelujah!

We've agreed on The Breakup (a very datey movie, and he said that he knows people that have actually liked it) and will probably grab dinner as well. The Less Than a Week Between Dates thing tells me this: he likes me, he really likes me! I may be going out of town this weekend, but will know tomorrow if I am or not. If not, I'm really hoping that we could slide date #5 in this weekend, before the planned date next Wednesday to see She Wants Revenge at the Wiltern. We shall see, oh yes, we shall see...

Lyrics of the Day
"Put my arms around you, like I think you want me to. But tell me what you're thinking, I so often misconstrue." Nada Surf Treading Water

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