Friday, June 02, 2006

Baby Steps

Since the subject matter is so vastly different, I'm splitting up my topics into two posts today. This one, of course, is about My New Boyfriend. Because what would a day be without a post involving him?

We had agreed earlier this week to go out on Friday night, so I gave him a ring (check out Assertive Girl!) last night after my date to see what he was up for. I had, in the back of mind, this idea that I wanted to take him to Bodega Santa Monica for wine and covertly to meet my sister. But I also knew that that was a big request for a third date, so I wasn't holding my breath. We chatted a bit, then got to the subject of the date, and I threw Bodega out there. I swear, I gave him multiple outs and opportunities to suggest an alternative plan. But he said, "No, let's do that, it sounds like fun." Maybe I'm just girly over-analyzing it, but that seems like a pretty decent step to me: willingness to meet The Sister. So even though I'm missing my Step Opportunity by not being able to go to his party tomorrow night, he's taking his by coming to Bodega tonight. Details on our wedding arrangements tomorrow.

Lyrics of the Day
"Step by step, ooh baby, gonna get to you girl." New Kids on the Block Step By Step

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