Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Big Date

Where to begin, where to begin? I've been lounging in bed, half awake, all morning, trying to decide where to start the story of date #3 with My New Boyfriend.

(*disclaimer: I wrote the first line on Saturday morning, in the pink afterglow of the date. The rest of the entry is being written Sunday morning, after a less-than-stellar Saturday night date with CCG. So this is much less giddy and effusive than I wish it was.)

The Sister liked him! Many of you may not know this, but I have a sketchy history in boyfriend-choosing, especially in The Sister's opinion. But lo and behold, The Sister thought that My New Boyfriend was: cool, polite, cute, and good for me! Most high-lariously, The Sister HATES the blazer with a t-shirt look, but when I pointed out that that was what MNB was wearing, she said that for some reason, he could pull it off. It's hard to convey just how exciting all of this is to me. Family approval counts for everything in my fam, and this is a very good sign. On to the details of the date.

We met at 8 at Bodega Santa Monica and The Sister had saved the day by stealthily reserving us a table at the already packed wine bar. I would never have admitted it beforehand, but I was somewhat nervous about how this date was going to go. On the previous dates, he was fairly reserved and so I made up for it by naturally dominating most of the conversations, which seemed to be okay with him. But I was worried that that was going to continue to be the pattern of interaction and that eventually I was going to run out of interesting things to say. Thank goodness I was wrong. I think that it just takes him a while to warm up and decide what kind of interaction is okay with someone before he comes out of his shell. And on this date (this wonderful date) he definitely came out of his shell. He has this dry, sarcastic sense of humor, and enjoyed the hell out of making fun of me all night. I laughed my ass off. We talked about a million things, drank some wine, had a little snack, and generally had a very quality third date.

He decided to call it a night just after midnight, and I told him I was going to stick around for a few. So I walked him out of the bar, where there was another series of very good goodnight kisses. I know that everyone in the world hates PDAs (public displays of affection), but to be honest, I LOVE them. I can't explain it. So the fact that he was cool with kissing me like that on the sidewalk, with a small audience of smokers, made me very happy. I told him I'd give him a call, and then I went back into Bodega.

That's when I found out that The Sister approved, and then I ended up staying there another hour just gushing and gossipping and wrapping up my Friday night. As I mentioned in the disclaimer, this is not the giddy post that I wanted it to be: because I'm really into this guy and I'm really enjoying the process. But the events of yesterday, which I shall detail later on, really wore me out and sucked out some of my enthusiasm. Hopefully I can regain my lovestruck excitement after I call him and we set up date #4.

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