Friday, June 30, 2006


Patrick Dempsey - mmmmm
Yes, I know it, I’m a big gigantic nickname-stealer, but I swear there’s good reason for it. There is an amusing practice of creating insulting names that sound like they could be Irish/Scottish names, as in: “I can’t believe you just cut me off Jerky McBadDriver!”
Well, I have just recently started talking to a guy on Match who has a profile name using the above amusing technique. Plus, he’s 6’0” tall (we all know how I feel about tall guys) and very cute and so far seems intelligent, funny, and interesting – if anyone can believe it! So, he shall be referred to
henceforth as McDreamy.

I don’t yet know a ton about him, as he proposed the phone call about 2 emails in. Usually I wait longer before I talk to someone on the phone (if I do it at all before meeting them), but I’m already excited enough and imagining enough chemistry that it’s best that I don’t let any more expectation build before I Get On With It. He’s 30, which is a good age for me, lives in Burbank and does some kind of neat job that involves sculptures and architectural elements. I’ll relate more as I find out more. I’m calling him tomorrow, because he sent me his number and I’m going to Be Assertive.

In other stories, AlienSpider and I are still talking. I asked him where he likes to hang out in town, and he listed almost all of my favorite bars. I’m assuming he lives in my neighborhood, since we hang out in such similar places. He still seems really cool, actor or not, so I’m assuming that we’ll be setting up a date in the near future.

Mr. Hawaii emailed me yesterday to thank me for the date, and managed to work almost every topic we discussed into the email. It’s endearing, but a little on the side of trying-to-hard at the same time. It’s funny, I’ve gotten a few comments about the fact that I’m wary that he’s skinnier than I am, but that’s not the real thing that I’m hesitant about. The thing that worries me is what I perceive as a possibility for him to start treating me like I’m so great that I’m too good for him in some way – it’s this “putting me on a pedestal” thing that happens sometimes and is really off-putting to me. But I could be wrong and he could just be the type of guy who really goes out of his way to be attentive and involved with everyone he spends time with.

IDon’tKnowYou Guy wrote me back, saying he was sorry, that my pictures online really look like pics that this girl he dated has on her MySpace page. That her name is “L” too, and that her last name also starts with a “B”. (The sneaky trick being that my last name doesn’t start with a “B”, it’s my middle name that does.) He also said she lived in Glendale, where I’ve never lived. I don’t know if it’s fickle of me, but I’ve now lost complete interest in him. I know that it’s hard to keep people straight in this crazy LA dating scene – but I feel offended that I was so easily mixed up with Some Other Chick. So I’m going to cross him off of my list.

Lyrics of the Day

"Come, come, fly into my palm and collapse. Oh oh, suppose you'll never know. Nobody knows where they might end up, nobody knows." Psapp Cosy in the Rocket (Grey's Anatomy theme song)


restaurant gal said...

Anxiously awaiting to hear more about McDreamy...

--The Gal

Anonymous said...

when my b/f is drunk i call him Drunky McLush