Thursday, June 08, 2006


I have been playing phone tag with Cute Chinese Guy for two days. All I want is to give him the "I don't want to see you anymore" speech - and The Universe or The Cell Phone Gods don't want it to happen. It's bordering on giving me ulcers.

That's right folks, stomach ulcers. Just be glad that I went with the illustrated version.

I have a feeling that he knows it's coming. With the length of time that I waited to call him and the less-than-enthusiastic messages I've left, I think he's got an inkling. I still feel bad about it, but it's just what has to happen. Of course, it can never happen if I can't get him on the damn phone.

Lyrics of the Day

"How come you don't call me? Why, why must you torture me? How come you don't call me? " Alicia Keys How Come You Don't Call Me

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Kristy said...

I just spent about an hour reading all of your posts and then subscribed to your blog. You are a pretty hilarious person! I love that you are logging your "misadventures" b/c I have been through the process myself. My Current Boyfriend is a beautiful man that I went totally gaga for right off the bat, much like you with Your New Boyfriend, and we've been together for nearly two years, with plans to get married in the next 6-9 months in the workds. I hope it works out for you. Your New Boyfriend sounds terrific!