Wednesday, June 14, 2006

One Last Time

So I guess the concert date with Tall Guy (he has now been demoted back from My New Boyfriend) is still on. He called last night to finalize plans, and for the first time, I intentionally didn't answer his call. I also waited until I was sure he wouldn't answer before calling him back.

I'm not sure if the blog narrative on the slow crumbling of this dating relationship has been clear enough, so I'm going to try to give a quick paraphrase on the happenings: we went on 3 good dates. We set up date #4. He had to cancel date #4. He slowly started pulling back, calling less often, being less considerate. We set another date #4. He cancelled date #4 again. We agreed to keep the long-standing concert date. That's pretty much it.

I spent the early part of yesterday evening sincerely hoping that he wouldn't call. At this point, I would really just prefer a blow-off to what is sure to be a really uncomfortable last date. But he called, and I feel like I have to go to the concert with him, since I said I would. This is actually so close to what happened with Cute Chinese Guy, it's almost funny. But I have decided that I'm going to have to get the balls to force him to have the balls to man-up and tell me that he doesn't want to see me anymore. Because I don't want to drag this out. And on the 1000:1 chance that he does still want to see me, well, we'll cross that bridge if we miraculously stumble upon it.

I've been jerked around before, endured sudden behavioral changes and sat around wringing my hands, hoping that things would change back to how they were before. But I've learned my lesson. When someone suddenly starts acting like they want out, or like they don't really like you all that much, that's what's going on. Let it go. Move on. So I am. Stay tuned for news of new prospects, correspondances and renewed giddiness.

Lyrics of the Day
"'But I,' said the bachelor to the bride, 'Am not waiting for tonight. No, I will box your ears and leave you here stripped bare.'" The Decemberists The Bachelor and the Bride

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