Thursday, June 08, 2006

MySpace Stalking Etiquette and Other Such Things

Yesterday, I silently humiliated myself by hunting down My New Boyfriend on MySpace. I know that there's a huge MySpace stalking culture out there, but I try SO hard not to do that sort of thing. But I knew that he was on, so I looked him up.

Fortunately for me, there were no scary surprises on his page. Mostly stuff I know, with a few more pics of him partying and such, letting me know that he's even more fun than he seems so far. But I was still ashamed of myself for doing it, and I swore that I wouldn't do it every single day like a crazy, desperate chick.

Today, I hop on MySpace (I had a reason, a super-scary reason having to do with getting a message notification from someone with a name resembling an ex-boyfriend), and am hopping around the site when I see that I have a new message, one that just popped up.

It was him.

He MySpace stalked me! This made me feel fabulous, of course, because it means that he intentionally hunted me down, just as I had done to him. He apologized for not calling me last night, as his work Q&A had ended late (I texted him when I went to bed and told him that I was avail for Saturday and to drop me a line tomorrow/today), and that his friend is throwing a party on Saturday and maybe we could grab dinner or catch a flick before if I wanted to...

Here's where I'm starting to be a real girly girl and am wishing that I still had someone else on the side to share the burden of my obsessiveness...

I wrote him back, and I didn't like the way I had worded the letter, but I sent it before it was too late. I know he was online long enough to read it (MySpace tells you when someone is online), but he didn't respond. I had enclosed my personal email address as well, just so he'd have it, but I didn't get an email there all day either. And he's now watching NBA Finals game #1 (I do so love that he tells me what he's doing, and we're only just dating - it's so cute!), and he hasn't called me. Should I worry???

And for that matter - do I send him a MySpace Friend Request? Deciding to be MySpace friends with someone you're actually dating is sort of a big deal out here in cyberspace. The Sister said no, and I'm inclined to agree. If he wants to friend request me, he can.

I'm almost positive that I'm getting all worked up for nothing. But I am getting all worked up, and I hate that. If I don't hear from him tonight, I'm going to probably have a conniption fit. Could there be a three date curse? (The Sister recently had an unfortunate ending to a three date run) Did I blow it with my stupidly worded MySpace message? At this point, if I haven't blown it already, I would actually be a bit surprised that I could do so that easily. But what if?

Lyrics of the Day

"Gonna follow you around, gonna wear you down." Badly Drawn Boy Everybody's Stalking

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Papa jon said...

Wow! Two stalkers finding each other! Sounds like luv to me.