Friday, June 23, 2006

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I tend to pull a disappearing act on the blog over the weekend, and so I will use that fact to justify my posting for a second time today, and the fact that this post will be a big one.

First and foremost, last night I went out with my NYC-dwelling friend Blondie and her fiancee, as they were both in town on business trips. It was a bit of a blogger-fest, as four of the five dinner participants are active bloggers (myself included!). I've already linked to them in the sidebar, but wanted to formally invite everyone to check out the following blogs:

TrailerSpy: Blondie's new blogging endeavor is just about to get off the ground, but is sure to be a lot of fun once it's up and running.

Geneve's Kitchen: Geneve has a wonderful passion for cooking, and has just added a video feature on her blog - it's so much fun, it almost makes me want to learn to cook.

Reemer: for anyone out there who can understand the mind-boggling technology behind this wonderful thing we call the internet, Kareem points out and discusses advancements and trends in the industry.

We had a ton of fun, both at dinner and drinks, but it kept me out WAY past my early school-night bedtime. I'm a little wonky from lack of sleep, but that hasn't kept me from diligently checking on my new internet prospects.

Mr. Hawaii is, indeed, back in the picture. He is pleased that I finally got back in touch with him, and we will go out next Wednesday. It almost makes me want to consistently keep someone waiting in the wings - just in case everything goes south like it did with Tall Guy. I'm actually particularly interested in going out with him because he's a writer. This blog has re-ignited my long burning desire to someday write something of substance and now I'm more interested than ever in talking to writers and seeing how people pursue the line of work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to quit my day job (or, it seems now, lose it!), but I do so love the written word.

I've also started talking to another boy on Match, we'll call AlienSpider. The name comes from the fact that he's an actor* and once did a movie about alien spiders. (A fact that he revealed in response to my stated love of spiders and all things creepy-crawly) He's from Kentucky and seems very sweet so far, and also thinks that I'm hilarious - which goes a long way toward winning my heart. I'm not sure if I've told you guys this: but I LOVE being told that I'm funny. I'm pretty sure that I'm not half as funny as I think I am, but if you tell me I am, I'll love you forever. I'm not going to rush into setting a date with him yet, because I don't want to overwhelm myself, but I'm fairly sure that I will eventually go out with him.

(* Yes, I know, I keep going back on my vow not to date actors, or even consider dating actors. But unfortunately, Match doesn't require members to list their occupation, so often I've already started communicating with someone before I find out the Ugly Truth. Also, the drama that can come from dating an actor could make very entertaining blog entries, so really, I'm doing it all for you!)

There are other prospects, on both Match and eHarmony, but nothing else is far enough along to comment on. The nice thing is that it seems that my revamped Match profile is attracting more of the kind of attention that I want, which is exciting.

Tonight, I am going to be hitting Barney's Beanery (the only real straight bar in West Hollywood, and a GREAT place to hit on cute boys) with Red and some other school friends. Saturday will bring beach time with The Sister and The Figa Master, followed by a facial (yes, I spoil myself sometimes), followed by some more quality time with The Figa Master on Saturday night. Sunday will involve a trip to Bakersfield to visit our grandfather and hopefully some type of fun on Sunday night - since I'm still going to have the rare pleasure of having Monday off.

Lyrics of the Day

"On this friday night, when the feelings alright, rockin rock steady grooves in the middle of the night. Everything is heated up and nobodys standing still." G. Love & Special Sauce Friday Night
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Julie said...

I feel famous! Thanks for the shout out! Btw, you are completely hilarious and have always made me laugh.

Kristy said...

SingleGirl, you're hilarious, and I totally think that you should write something "substantial" one day. I love your blog! And don't feel bad about being overly emotional. It's better to have too many feelings than not enough.

LB said...

If you're trying to win my heart - it's working!