Saturday, April 29, 2006

Meanwhile, in Cyberspace

So while I've been working through the rigors of the first dates with Tattoo Guy, I have diligently kept up my search/communication on both Match and eHarmony. There were 4 guys that I was talking to in earnest, and now there are 3. The fourth was "JaseMan2theMax" (please try not to vomit on your keyboard). We'll call him "Cute in a Hat Guy". Cute in a Hat Guy and I exchanged about 3 emails on Match, before he emailed asking if I was up for another form of communication: IM or phone. I emailed him back my phone number - this past Tuesday - and that's the last I heard of him. Weird, right?

Also on Match, I'm talking to a cute Chinese guy, who shall heretofore be known as... "Cute Chinese Guy". This one I'm actually excited about. I've always had a thing for cute Asian guys. He's 32, a commercial promo writer for a TV network and seems like a really great guy. The email repore has been good so far, so I'm pretty sure that it will lead to a date.

On eHarmony, I'm talking to 2 different guys. One of them is in Vegas (I decided not to limit myself geographically on eHarmony, just for fun), and the other is here in LA. Vegas Guy seems sweet so far, but he hasn't gotten my heart racing.

The LA guy, I'll call him Tall Guy, because he's 6'4" (!!), contacted me immediately after our match was made, and the communication has moved quickly. We're at the point of openly emailing (that's 4 steps in on eHarmony) and it's been just over 2 days since the match was made. So far, I've REALLY liked everything that he's had to say and I'm pretty excited at the prospect of actually going out with him.

Lyrics of the Day
"I must admit I was charmed by your advances, your advantage left me helplessly into you." Death Cab for Cutie Title Track

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