Friday, April 28, 2006

Second Date

So the call happened. It happened on the second day. So I guess Tattoo Guy is/was interested. He called asking me to dinner that night (a Thurday night), but I was in the hospital all night and didn't check the message until it was too late. I called him back and we played phone tag for a couple of days, eventually deciding on dinner Tuesday night.

Tattoo Guy picked me up and we went to Thai food in Los Feliz. The food was good and the conversation was just as good as it was on the first date. I could tell that he was impressed with my slightly more put-together appearance. I was glad that I had neither over, nor under-dressed.

We followed up the Thai food with wine at a wine bar up the street. The name was sort of long and contained "Farfalle" which is all I can remember. It was a real wine bar, one for afficionados (unlike the more laid-back, normal-person-friendly Bodega). He chose the wine, which I ended up really enjoying. We talked and talked and continued to have a good time.

Here's the problem: I'm not attracted to him. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't grow to be attracted to him if I tried. There's something that's just too "done" about him, too saleman-like. Too image-oriented. He's trying to be something that he really admires - and he has to TRY to do it. The lack of attraction was further emphasized (to my chagrin) by the goodnight kiss. I really think that the kiss it the chemistry tell-all. It can mislead you sometimes; seem good for awhile, then grow tiresome. But if it's bad at the start, it will stay that way.

It was not a good goodnight kiss. It reminded me too much of my bad middle school drama experience, which I forever refer to as "the wet plunger". I hope that you get the gist. It wasn't AS bad, but it wasn't sexy or filled with chemistry either. Damn.

My thought is: One more date. Tattoo Guy is so much fun, that I think he deserves one more date before I make a decision. If I'm still sure that I won't ever be attracted - then I'll be honest at the end of the date. If chemistry strikes, chemistry strikes. I'm really trying to learn to give people a real chance.

Lyrics of the Day
"You're kinda cool, but I know better than to break the rules of messing with a lesson that I've never learned." Anna Nalick Consider This

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kelleysully said...

I will take the "wet plunger" over the "dead rat" any day!