Saturday, April 29, 2006


I was discovered on by someone I work with. I could cry, I'm so embarrassed. I tried to ignore him, but he eventually emailed me, making it impossible to do so. AND, on the day he emailed me (yesterday, that is) I ran into him TWICE at the hospital. I generally see him about once every week or week and a half, and there he was, twice on this one horrible day.

So I emailed Work Guy back, and said, "Wait a second, don't we work together?" He replied saying that he was waiting for me to figure that out. He then wrote AGAIN, saying "Just because we work together doesn't mean we can't talk, right?"

I haven't replied yet, but: YES. It does mean that we can't talk. Even if I did want to date someone I work with (which I try strenuously to avoid at all costs), I'm not interested in him. And now he knows WAY too much about me.

LA is such a stupidly small town.

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