Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Counting Chickens

As we've all seen in the past, I need to be more careful in general about getting excited over every single guy that shows a little promise. BUT...

I had given up on WY Guy, who had not emailed me back since I responded to his initial letter before I went to Montana. Internet dating is tough like that: you can email someone once or twice or three times and they can still just drop off the face of the earth like they never existed. You get used to it eventually, and try not to develop too many expectations before you actually meet someone in person. Point being, it had been more than 2 weeks, so I figured that he was a write-off. But lo and behold, there was an email in my inbox yesterday from WY Guy.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I am strongly attracted to people who come from backgrounds that are similar to my own, so Wyoming is definitely on the list. I've actually dated a Wyoming boy or two in my day - which isn't hard in a town as close to the Montana/Wyoming border as my hometown is. So, he has that going for him. Also, he's very articulate over email, which is a big thing to me. (This is the requirement that I think gets me into more trouble than most, because many people who are good writers are not so socially adept.) He's in the masters program for film at USC and is my age. Oh yeah, did I mention, he's pretty dang cute too? There is some questionable facial hair, but I won't try talking him into shaving it until we're at least out of the email phase.

Lyrics of the Day

"Yeah, I was drinking. Yeah, she was drinking too, and, yeah, we made a connection – we came from the same neighborhood." The Good Life Lovers Need Lawyers

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