Monday, August 28, 2006

Best Laid Plans

The weekend ended up going fairly well, though there were some rocky starts and the Sunday plans ended up being scrapped altogether. Some highlights:


  • The bar that SJP chose for her going-away party was strangely busy, even early in the evening. We spent half of the night fighting for space with the ever-growing group of revellers.
  • An old friend-sort-of-person of mine, who I call My Husband for reasons that would take at least one entire blog entry to begin to explain, talked me into doing shots (only 2, but 2 more than I needed) at the end of the night. Fortunately I didn't feel the full effect of these until I got home, so there wasn't another "LB fell asleep at the bar" story to add to my repertoire.
  • My friend LAJ (who is the same friend from this story from way back in May) had a bit much to drink that night. I was grabbing a ride home with her and Friend Guy and as we were walking out of the bar's large courtyard LAJ shot her arm out, took hold of a cute guy (who also happened to be a complete stranger) and kissed him full on the mouth. She released and walked on as if nothing had happened.


  • The Sister's birthday accidentally started out as a ladies' night at Barney's Beanery (which I learned is the 3rd oldest restaurant in LA - famously the last place that Janis Joplin had a drink), which was a ton of fun. The Sis, her girl Jam, my girl Red and I were the first to meet up. The sister was feeling strangely enthusiastic about getting to the fun, so we may have started a little too quickly on the shots. Then two more of The Sister's friends showed up, and we started taking some of the 135 photos that were taken (and that's only with my camera!) that evening.
  • Luke Wilson and Johnny Knoxville happened to be hanging out at this bar that night too - a fun little birthday celeb sitting for The Sis. Jam (on her way to extreme drunkenness) tried to strike up a conversation with Luke (because he's adorable, that's why!), but he didn't seem to be feeling very social. Which seems like a contradiction, since Barney's has a notoriously social atmosphere.
  • We walked back to The Sister's after the bar closed (but quite a while after, inexplicably) and somehow managed to stay up passed 4 am. Why oh why?


  • We had all sorts of plans and we ended up....... going to IHOP. Jam, The Sis and I were so hungover and/or tired that we managed to eat some greasy food and then spent the rest of the day sleeping and/or lazing it all off. Of course, that's always my idea of a perfect Sunday.

I haven't heard back from WY Guy since I emailed him last - which I'm a little confused about. He had emailed me through Match, and included his personal email address at the bottom. Wanting to minimize my time on Match (I'm sort of hiding from some people on there right now), I sent him an email from my personal email address and of course I identified myself in the subject line. But I haven't heard back, and it's been nearly a week. See what I meant about counting chickens?

Lyrics of the Day

"But we're all happy, 'cause the streets they're always there for us and it's quite scary when you wake up in the same old clubs." Shout Out Louds Please Please Please

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Papa jon said...

True! If Luke and Johnny wanted some "me" time they should've gone elsewhere. They could've at least wished the sis a happy B-day!