Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blogger in Beta

I have an actual, real post to put up today, but I'm having such a moment of distress that I'm unable to keep from talking about it. For some reason, I decided that I had to jump the gun and switch over into the new Blogger Beta format. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I was doing when I got myself into this. So if anyone has trouble with my blog, I apologize profusely, I really had no idea there were still so many bugs in the new system. In many ways I'm still a neophyte to a lot of this technology.

One of the major glitches is that people who are still using regular Blogger cannot log in to Beta and comment with their user IDs. I think this is ridiculously lame, but hopefully it's on the road to being fixed. For the time being, if you choose "other" you can still use your name and your blog URL to leave me comments. And if you guys didn't already know this - I live for the comments!

Also, if you're having problems viewing with certain browsers (like Safari), they're promising to fix that in the near future.

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