Thursday, August 10, 2006

Story Time

I'm nearly readjusted to being back in real life, though I'm still not happy about it. Why didn't I listen to my father and marry a rich guy? Then I could be living a life of leisure; eating bon-bons and doing charity work all day. *sigh* If only I had given up my feminine empowerment at a younger age...

It doesn't really get much better than my trip to Montana. When it was over, it felt like it had just flown by, but in retrospect there was so much that I did and saw. I arrived on Saturday and drove straight up into the mountains to see my fabulous friend The Singer play at a small music festival. Sunday I went to the beach (Well, the Bozeman Beach, which is basically a hole filled with water where a landfill used to be. But it's what we have there and we use it.) with my parents and that night we all went to The Singer's house to watch him perform some more in his back yard. He's amazingly talented, and I'm so proud of him for all of the work he's been doing on his music and all of the progress that he's made both professionally and in his performances. If you heard that boy sing a Billy Joel song, you'd melt right out of your clothing, I swear.

That was one of the very special things about this trip - of my core group of really close guy friends from Montana, all but one happened to be in town that weekend. It was a reunion of the type that we usually only get at Christmas and it was so good to see everyone and spend time with them. I'm really blessed with some of the most amazing and talented friends possible, and I'm thankful for them all the time. If only life was like the TV show Friends, and we could all live together in impossibly large apartments in the same town.

Tuesday night the gang and I all met up in a local park after a quaint small-town band performance. We met up at a local bar/poolhall (one of the classier places in town, and non-smoking) for pool and drinks and general revelry. You know you're in a small town when an old friend (who I used to have a crush on, about 7 or 8 years ago) shows up because someone he knew saw the group at the bar and called him. Old Crush has been a friend on the periphery of the group for a long time, but doesn't stay in touch as much as the rest of us do. By the end of the night, I realize that Old Crush thinks I'm hot. And not in a, "gee we're old friends and you look really great" sorta way. In a, "you're a hot chick and I'm going to try to get into your pants" kinda way. He ended up booty-calling me at about 3 AM, after I was already home in bed. I think I was too intoxicated to be as amused at the time as I should have been, but I woke up shaking my head at the hilarity of the situation. When I liked Old Crush back in the day, he messed with my head a little, but had no interest in me whatsoever. It was sorta fun to have the last laugh. Revenge is always the best when all you have to do is look good.

Lyrics of the Day

"Here's a song to all my friends, I know they'd like. I remember every drunken night at the old dive. Driving the ol' wreck, trying to make it home somehow, one more pit stop at our favorite watering hole." Lagwagon To All My Friends

P.S. Coming tomorrow, or this weekend at the latest, photos from my trip and stories regarding boys I went to high school with!

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