Saturday, July 29, 2006

And I'm Off...

To my faithful and much-loved readers,

I am [finally] off to Montana tomorrow morning. After the week that I've had, the coming rest couldn't be at a better time. I fully intend to update at least a couple of times during my vacation, if not more frequently. However, I do have a bad habit of shunning the computer while I'm in the vast open spaces of my home-state so you will have to forgive me if I am lax in fulfilling my bloggy duties.

Before I crash (and I almost mean that literally, so hard will my head hit the pillow when I finally make it to bed), I want to drop a couple of updates:

1. My third date with Mr. Hawaii was cancelled on Wednesday night, with a reschedule pending. He had an interview that necessitated time for deep, meaningful soul-searching as to whether or not to enact a drastic life change. I'm going to email him while gone and we'll see if Date #3 happens or not...

2. My student happened to catch a glimpse of Brit Nurse running into the hospital on an off-day today. She said that he was wearing a sleeveless shirt, and that contrary to my belief that few men can pull off this look, he most certainly can. She said, "He obviously works out." Now, I still have to figure out how (and whether, really) to break me off a piece of That!

3. There was an actual *promising* email in my Match inbox today. Wyoming Guy is, obviously, from WY and seems to be intelligent and interesting and interested in me to top it all off. Coincidentally, he is leaving this weekend for WY just as I am leaving for MT, so the communication will be slow-going, but hopefully will turn out better than the sad story that was McDreamy.

I hereby do vow to return to Los Angeles with a better tan, mosquito bites, photos of Big Sky Country to share, mementos of my time, and hopefully some good stories. If I'm ridiculously lucky, one or more of those stories will involve me making out with some incredibly adorable boy who has never even entertained the notion of shaving his legs, unless he happens to be a professional swimmer.

Lyrics of the Day

"I'm going up, going over to Montana. You got yourself a trucker's atlas. You knew you were all hot, well maybe you'll go and blow a gasket." Modest Mouse Trucker's Atlas

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