Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Post-Weekend Update

I obviously missed my promised deadline of yesterday to catch you all up on the events of the weekend, so here I am, trying desperately to get all of the news in before I leave town for the rest of the week/weekend. Here goes...

Friday night I went out for drinks with Tattoo Guy, in our new capacity as friends. We went to a bar that I hadn't been to before in Los Feliz Village, so it was fun to try somewhere new. We had a great time - shared a bottle of wine, talked about all manner of things, had a minor star sighting. There was a moment or two where I felt like he felt some attraction to me (we'll address the difference in the way that I behave with friends vs. dates in an upcoming post - suffice for the moment to say that I'm much more open and forthcoming when there's no romance in the air), but I don't think he'd try anything. He's really a lot of fun, so I think there's real potential there for an actual friendship.

Saturday, The Sister and I did some running, then breakfast, then packed up our stuff to go to the beachy birthday party that we'd been invited to. This is where it took place:

This was a camping party, so it was held at the beautiful beach camping area at San Onofre State Beach in Orange County. We got there and joined right in with the fun. There was drinking, food, sun-bathing, games, surfing, and swimming. The Sis and I made fast friends with a couple of guys that were there. Once again, the crazy smallness of LA came into play. One of the guys used to live in the exact apartment building that I now live in, and he moved out only about 2 months before I moved in. He knew all of my crazy neighbors and the insane drama that surrounds the population of feral cats that inhabits our parking lot. The boys and The Sis and I teamed up as the Sunset Crew and trekked into the wilderness above the beach to watch the sun set.

One of the boys was pretty cute, and mentioned something (as we were bidding our adeus the next day) about getting together in Hollywood sometime. We had already exchanged email addresses for the purpose of picture sharing. So today I finally got to emailing them the Sunset Crew pics. We'll see if I ever hear from either of them again.

(I began this post at whatever time the timestamp says I did it. I then got completely slaughtered at work, and ended up leaving really late. I then hurried to wash my dishes and try to get my house even remotely in order before I leave town tomorrow. Then I went on my date with AlienSpider, which takes me to NOW, which is 11:30 pm and I need to be awake in 5 hours to drive to Vegas. Point being - I have to finish the story of the weekend later, and then I have to relate the stories of the two dates - Mr. Hawaii and AlienSpider - that I went on this week. Phew!!)

Anyway, obviously I have pause now - but I promise full-disclosure of all recent events in the early part of next week. I may have a chance to blog on Friday afternoon, but it depends on what time The Sister and I get back from Vegas. We'll see!!

Lyrics of the Day

"Don't make me come to Vegas, don't make me pull you out of his bed. I am vigilant that it will not be you on the menu that he's serving up for his friends." Tori Amos Don't Make Me Come to Vegas

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