Thursday, July 06, 2006

An Attempt at Photo Blogging

I'm hoping to add a bit more of a photo element to this blog, but of course, I'm still figuring out which photos to take and how to make them interesting and pretty. So bear with me...

The wild beach party:

Here I am, in all of my keg-standing glory...

From the 4th of July:

The scary part is, she's not kidding. She really thought that spurs constitute a legitimate fashion statement.

Oh no! The Sister got crabs!

Lyrics of the Day

"You're doomed to repeat the past and nothing is gonna last, I burn all your photographs." Ryan Adams Burning Photographs

1 comment:

Papa jon said...

Since the pic is a bit dark, if you didn't point out that that's you doing a keg stand in the pic, I'd say it was you passed out.

That looks like an awesome party!