Monday, July 17, 2006

Back in Action, Part Two

When we last left our heroine, LB, she had completed a (mostly) successful second date with Mr. Hawaii. The next segment of our story begins the following day, Wednesday July 12...

As I mentioned in my incomplete blog from last Weds, I got my butt kicked at work that day. My least favorite physician (because he makes my life very difficult purely for the purpose of covering his own ass, even at the patient's expense) seemed to psychically know that I would be out of town for the next two days. Therefore he needed to order an exorbitant number of tests, but wait until 3:00pm to do so. So I ended up stuck on a particular floor of the hospital all afternoon, until long after I was supposed to go home. The only benefit to this particular event is that this all occurred on the floor where Brit Nurse works. Ever since the day that he told me about his new relationship status, I have been very friendly on the occasions that we have to chat. Spending two hours on his floor on Wednesday afternoon allowed me a few more occasions to flirt it up with him. I have to say, I honestly think there is a bit of interest there - he definitely goes out of his way to smile at me, wink, talk to me, etc. And of course, I do the same. I'm still not at the point where I think I should aggressively pursue him or anything, but when he's had a little more time to cool something could possibly happen. You never know.

By the end of the day I was completely exhausted and was hoping that AlienSpider would call and cancel the date. Knowing that I had to be in my car by 5:00 am on Thursday, I was really regretting setting the date for that night. But, as you know, AS did not cancel, and the date went on as planned.

We met at the Frolic Room, an old iconic Hollywood bar that is right next door to the Pantages Theater. (For non-Angelenos, the Pantages is one of the main theatre venues in LA - it gets all the touring shows like The Lion King and The Producers, and occasionally big concerts.) It used to be a glamorous hotspot but is now a fabulously divey place with a bit of an old-fashioned feel to it. I may have mentioned before, AS and I have extremely compatible taste in bars, so I knew that I would like the place. I had actually always wanted to go (especially b/c The Frolic Room is featured in LA Confidential, one of my favorite movies), and was happy to have someone take me. We had a lot of fun, talked about all sorts of things, had a couple of drinks, played instant Lotto Keno at the bar. (We won $16!) The funniest part was when we noticed that we were wearing nearly identical outfits: polo shirt, jeans and flip flops. Mildly embarrassing, but amusing nonetheless. We then walked around the neighborhood a little and grabbed a late night snack at a hamburger stand. He's shortish, but he's cute, smart and well-read - even if he is an actor. There will be a date #2.

To Be Continued...

Lyrics of the Day

"And it's one more day up in the canyons, and it's one more night in Hollywood. If you think you might come to California... I think you should." Counting Crows A Long December

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