Friday, July 21, 2006

Unintentional Date - the Truth Revealed

Those of you who have been following for awhile may remember another brush with Co-Worker Romance (aside from my currently-raging crush on Brit Nurse) back in June: The Unintentional Date. Well, the story has continued a little beyond what I've shared, and now we have New Revelations.

The whole story with Mr. Fix-It started on my birthday. I came into my lab the day after and found an envelope with my name printed on it. Inside of this envelope was a card with a little note from Mr. Fix-It saying he is responsible for greeting May birthdays for my department (why I didn't smell something fishy at this point is beyond me, since my department consists of me and my helper) and that I was entitled to lunch for two at the restaurant of my choosing in honor of my day of birth. I wasn't sure how to proceed, but didn't think much of it so I tossed it into my bag and forgot about it in general. When the Unintentional Date happened, Handy Man mentioned the lunch card when setting up his little scheme, so I figured that if anything actually did need to be redeemed in that area, it had been done. The lunch happened, and Mr. Fix-It went off to train before being sent to Iraq.

At the going-away party that Mr. Fix-It's department threw for him, all of the employees that are friendly with Mr. FI wrote down our email addresses to receive updates on his training and mission. Shortly after leaving, I began to get Mr. FI's mass-emailed missives - but I also received some personal emails as well. I thought all was understood in the Friendly Co-Worker vs. Potential Life-Partner debate, until I got this email:

.....well actually the lunch coupon was a seperate thing.....OK, OK, I might as well say it now, I was trying to ask you out to lunch without making it awkward for the involved parties. I thought I'd put a little gimmick to it, and it was a nice way to get to know you. So if you're still interested in the lunch part, I'll be back in a few months. Take care now.

I really do think that Mr. FI is a very sweet guy, but I'm just wondering: what in the hell about this whole situation avoided awkwardness?? It feels like the time in 8th Grade when my friends decided that I should "go out" (translation: become automatic BF/GF with) a 6th grader and then asked him out for me. That debacle lasted nearly 24 hours before the mutual decision to call it off was reached. Point being: this situation has overflowed with awkwardness of the most middle-school kind, so it makes me laugh that he says he was trying to avoid it. I understand shyness and all, but JEEZ. What a crazy ploy.

Lyrics of the Day

"I love you - period. Do you love me - question mark. Please, please - exclamation point. I want to hold you - in parentheses." Dan Baird I Love You Period


Anonymous said...


Lay off the poor guy. He's not the smoothest guy but at least he's trying.

Anonymous said...

So his rap sucks, big deal...does making fun of his poor dating skills make you feel better? Oh wait, I forgot, this blog is pretty much all about you getting off by belittling the various guys you meet/date....

Anonymous said...

wow. this will sound a tad bit obsessive but i just read through your entire archives.
and i absolutely adore your writing.
keep'm coming!

LB said...

Wow. I had no idea that the post came off so harshly. I probably was being a little hard on him, but I can't really explain just how uncomfortable the whole lunch/email situation has made me. Or I'm a bitch. I guess that's for you to decide.

P.S. I love obsessive readers! Thanks for reading!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you're a bitch or not, but it seems like the dudes just trying to make an effort to try to get with you.

I'm sure he thought it would have been a better plan then how it actually turned out, but at least give him credit for trying. He probably thought it would have been considered "sweet".

And in terms of feeling "uncomfortable" about the situation. He just wants to have lunch with you/get to know you, not kill your dog or anything.

Get over it.