Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Of Boys and Exhaustion

I know that my weekend was [insanely] busy and all, but I am dragging even more ass than usual this week. Every day so far has felt like Monday, and I have been literally counting down the minutes until I can go home. Blech. I swear, I am getting my road-flattened booty to the gym tomorrow so that I can boost my energy level - I really need it this week!

I ended up stuck on Brit Nurse's floor all morning yesterday, which afforded me a wonderful opportunity to flirt. Almost the moment I got up there, he busted out his new tattoos - some beautiful Chinese lettering that he had done in San Fran over the weekend. We talked for long enough that the student nurse who was training with him seemed pretty annoyed, but hey, I just love to hear those English boys talk. I'm not sure that I even want to cross into actual Work Romance territory with him, but I am enjoying the flirtation for now.

I set up date #2 with AlienSpider last night. I am sticking to my guns about taking this week off socially, so we're going to get sushi next Monday night. We had a fun, easy conversation and I think that we'll have more fun on date #2. He told me a funny story about being at a Korean spa over the weekend and having a steam-room encounter with John Travolta. I told him I hoped he didn't get too close, as I hear that Scientology is contagious.

I also called Mr. Hawaii last night, but by the time he called me back I was too tired to talk (I tend to be very selective about when I'm in the mood to be on the phone - mostly when I'm on the way home, because once I get home I'm in LB Time and I don't really want to talk to anyone.), so I'll talk to him tonight.

I'm giving eHarmony one last shot. I'm communicating with a literal slew of guys right now, and maybe one or two of them will pan out. To be honest, I'm not sure how people can do this internet dating thing all the time, and not burn out. It's hard to sustain enthusiasm for it, especially after so many dates with such small amounts of actual chemistry. There's a large part of me that's really just holding out for a Montana boy - which is what I'm hoping to snag when I'm home for a vacation in just under two weeks. If that falls through, at least I'll have some fun hometown stories to share.

Lyrics of the Day

"I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink. I wonder should I get up and fix myself a drink? No, no, no." The Beatles I'm So Tired

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