Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back in Action, Part Three

We rejoin my story on Wednesday morning, when I somehow managed to get out of bed on little more than four hours of sleep and was even able to shave my legs before I left for Vegas. The Sister and I drove and drove and arrived around 10 am in Sin City. We hooked up with The Mother, The Godmother, and The Godmother's son. First stop was the pool, of course, where we scored a free cabana (those things usually cost $350+ to rent for the day) and had a grand old time being treated like kings. Then we went casino-hopping a bit, where I met my New Worst Enemy:

There's a new game in Vegas called Rapid Roulette and that is where I lost all my money. We did some buffet eating, some more gambling, then called it a night. The Sis and I were so exhausted from getting up so early (not to mention getting to bed on the late side of things) that we crashed out pretty quickly. The next morning was breakfast buffet (we know how to EAT!) and some last minute money-losing before jetting back to Los Angeles.

I arrived home just in time to shower, re-pack, and head out to the Valley to pick up Red for the trip up to Napa. Napa ended up being a great time - though all of last weekend went way too quickly. We managed to hit five different wineries on Saturday, and I managed to find a couple of bottles that I really liked. Wine country is beautiful, and tasting has the potential to become a legitimate hobby of mine - I really liked it.

A view of a vineyard from the car - hey it's not like I claim to be a pro or anything!

Some amusing boy-drama went down on Saturday night, when Red picked a guy up at the brewery-type place where we had dinner. He had the act down. I was totally fooled, and so was Red. He seemed so sweet, slightly awkward, maybe a little unsure of himself. But in the end, he turned jerk when he realized that he wasn't getting a Tourist Quickie One-Nighter for his trouble. I spent the evening fending off the advances of Red's guy's friend, who seemed to believe that I was going to hook-up with him by default. Fortunately, he eventually got the message. Sunday we made it back into LA by early evening, by which time I had just enough energy to decide which movie to stare at until I could pass out.

Lyrics of the Day

"Red red wine you make me feel so fine, you keep me rocking all of the time." UB40 Red Red Wine

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Personally, I'm never feeding another coin into a slot machine again!

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