Thursday, July 20, 2006

Getting Honest - Again

I feel like I've been so behind on my entries, and so rushed in trying to fit them into my currently insane work schedule that I've lost a little of my charm. I'm reading over my recent entries and thinking: when the hell did I get so boring? I mean, let's be honest here, sure I'm blogging for fun and to keep track of all my wacky dating adventures - but I'm also blogging to try to be entertaining. Ever since discovering that other people could actually want to read about my life and find it entertaining, I have loved the response that I've gotten and aimed more and more to make my blog entertaining and visitor-friendly. But as of late, I think things have been a little lack-luster. Well, that is just going to have to change. I am now redoubling my efforts to entertain and am going to do that, for the most part, by being even more honest and forthcoming than I've already been.

Case-in-point: The beach-camping birthday party. Let me first say that I had a great time at this party and was fully ready to gush about it on the bloggy here. But comments that were made to me by a certain person who tends to be all-pervasive in my life made me ashamed of what happened and reluctant to talk about it. But now I've cleared my own conscience, so I'm going to tell a little bit more about that night.

I mentioned that The Sister and I met two guys at the party, and that the four of us became the Sunset Crew. Well, what I didn't really get into is that one of them is extremely cute. The Filmmaker is funny, adorable, fairly unpretentious and seemed to take a real interest in me that night. We talked a lot, and The Sister definitely said she thought he was attracted to me. This is a guy who met me for the first time when I was wearing a bikini - so he's seen just about as much of me as one can and still be in Friend Territory. Then I managed to get a little too drunk (the reasons for this are many, but let's just say that I don't always avoid discomfort in the most productive of ways), and ended up passing out at a pretty early hour. Aside from a little ribbing the next day though, no one said anything negative to me, until The Sis got on my case on the way home. The Filmmaker and friend (the one who used to live in my apartment building - we'll call him Ex-Neighbor Guy, even though we didn't live here at the same time) were just as friendly as before, and I got their email addresses to send them the photos that we had taken all evening on my camera. The Sister said that she would be surprised if we ever heard from them again after the way that I [supposedly] acted. Well - she was wrong.

I actually received enthusiastic emails from both guys in response to the photos from the party. Ex-Neighbor Guy said that we should get together and do it up Hollywood-style (they still live in the general Hollywood neighborhood) and The Filmmaker asked for my MySpace name so that he can send me a friend request. So, if there's a chance of getting together with them again, I'm going to take it and see if I can parlay it into a date with The Filmmaker, because I actually really liked him. And, of course, because he's so cute.

I just really wanted to get that off of my chest. And maybe it didn't end up being more entertaining after all, but at least I'm getting back on the Honesty Track. Mostly the hesitance to share has to do with my current feelings about The Sister - we've just spent way too much time together lately. We do that: first we miss each other, so we hang out a bunch. Then we keep hanging out a bunch because it's easy and we're both usually around. Then we keep hanging out more because it's become habit. Then we start to get really tired of each other and start getting in fights. Finally we end up taking a bit of a break and not spending so much time together so that we can remember that we like each other again. Then the cycle starts over, etc, etc, ad nauseum. That's just how it is with us, and probably how it will always be. So right now we're entering Break Phase, which will be good for both of us.

Lyrics of the Day

"Late nights won't do me justice, 'cuz when I drink I just get so damned depressed and it's not right. I ain't trying to get over you." Augustana Stars and Boulevards

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