Monday, July 10, 2006

New Prospects

I can't believe I was almost absent from my blog all day long. I've been meaning to tell you all: at work I am responsible for training students - people who have finished the classroom part of learning the job that I do and now are in need of real-life, on-the-job training. I get a new student every three months. At the beginning of this three months, they basically know nothing, and we work our way toward the point where they can almost do my job for me. I just started with a new student, last Wednesday, which is why I've been toning down my usual verbosity - I just don't have as much time to write. For example: you can go back and look through the archives - I bet this is only the 3rd or 4th post ever written after 7:00pm. Generally I'm just too lazy to get online (esp. with my PATHETIC dial-up connection) when I get home at night. But all of this is leading to a point...

I just talked to AlienSpider on the phone - and it was good! Still wary from my last phone debacle (McDreamy never called back, THANK GOODNESS. I still felt obliged to go out with his dud-y ass, but fortunately he had no similar crises of conscience.), I didn't know how this one was going to work. But it did work, and now I'm actually looking forward to a date - something I haven't done since date #3 with Tall Guy. AlienSpider actually sounds cool on the phone, and our conversation flowed nicely and easily. He's interesting and has things to say, he knows about current events, he likes the same types of bars that I like. Hopefully the date will go as well as the phone call.

I'm also going out on date #2 with Mr. Hawaii tomorrow night. We mentioned going to sushi, and he somehow picked one of my favorite sushi restaurants, so bonus points for him. I'm trying very hard to learn to give people more of a chance before I cross them off of the list, so Mr. Hawaii is the first benefactor of my new experiment. But if the kiss (if one happens) is disastrous, I can't let it go on.

I'll check back in tomorrow to fill y'all in on the events of the weekend. It wasn't completely insane; but there was a lot of fun had, and some cool people were met, so there are some stories to share. Hopefully I'll have a little more time on my hands tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me.

Oh yeah, and I have pics to share!!

Lyrics of the Day

"But I don't mind the days gone rolling away, 'cause all this sunlight feels warm on my face today. But what brings me down now is love, 'cause I can never get enough." Counting Crows Goodnight LA

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