Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hear Me Here

Hey! I do have the promised surprise here for all you faithful readers today, but let me give you a little backstory...

Sometime around October, a nice gentleman named Kit Mikazuki started occasionally commenting on this here little blog. He said that he was about to start chronicling a bit of his own dating life online, but in a different format: the podcast.

For those of you who are new to this little world (as I am myself), a podcast is basically an audio-blog (if the maker so-desires). Episodes are recorded, then shared online - most easily through iTunes. For more basic info, check here.

Anyway, the point is, Kit was so kind as to invite me to do a guest interview on his totally entertaining podcast. He calls it "Nante Koto" which he says is Japanese for "Oh my [expletive deleted] God." I caught up on all of his episodes before said interview and then we had a rather lengthy chat about just about anything and everything in the entire world - though mostly the interview was about internet dating.

Imagine my excitement when Kit told me yesterday that the episode should be ready to publish by today! Well, he managed to meet his own deadline and the podcast episode is up online and ready for the listening!

You can access the podcast through Kit's website here, or you can go to iTunes and search for the Nante Koto podcast.

I had a ton of fun doing the interview and I'm even more excited to report that there was so much material there that today's episode is one of two. I'm pretty sure that means that I'm extraordinarily interesting and charming. Or it just means that I'm extraordinarily verbose.

You be the judge.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again LB for being a part of my lil podcast. What fun! Doesn't she sound great everyone?

Side note: if the web site link to the Nante Koto Podcast give's you an error, try this one...

May everyone have a joy-filled New Year!

Kit Mikazuki, Host
Nante Koto Podcast
Washington, DC