Friday, November 10, 2006

Oh Boy

Tonight, I resolved to sit at home and study physics. Ick. But I was doing it, I really was. I was spending my Friday night re-learning algorithms and reflected incidence coefficients and the importance of the spatial pulse length. That was right before my phone rang. It was The Kid (I am newly dubbing him this). The Kid from the party that danced with me as I tried to leave, The Kid from Monday Night Football at my house who I was nearly cuddling with by the end of the evening. The Kid who is both younger than me and an actor, which is the exact type of guy I am most likely to fall for and who is most likely to crush my heart into a near-liquid pulp.

The Kid who I might have accidentally ended up aggressively hitting on Sunday afternoon, after noticing the ring on the finger of the guy that I thought had been flirting with me all day.

My aggressive flirting with The Kid on Sunday didn't get me anywhere, so I made the natural assumption that he just Wasn't That Into Me. But don't you know? When you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME.

You see, it's The Kid's birthday today, a fact that I completely forgot about until this afternoon, also forgetting that I had told him to call me and let me know if he was doing anything to celebrate it. Well, he is and he called and I had to turn him down.

Now, as I was turning him down, he started being rather flirty. It started with the fact that I would owe him a birthday drink. I said of course, then asked him if he knew where we are watching the Broncos game this weekend. He said he didn't care as long as I was there. I was taken aback for a moment, but recovered swiftly saying, "Of course, so you can get your free drink!" He went on to say that he was hoping for the drink and who knows what else. This is the point at which I started blushing furiously. Thank god that can't be read over the phone. I said, "Oh, wait a second, are you hoping for a little more than just a birthday drink?" Then he said that we should start with a few birthday drinks and see what happens from there.

I know that recounting conversations is incredibly boring, but eventually he ended up saying that he was sad not to have a "beautiful lady" with him on his birthday.

Does this sound like the behavior to expect from someone I was fairly sure (on Sunday at least) had no interest in me?

Lyrics of the Day

"It's a faint, a brief affinity. It's a touch, when it shouldn't be, but it's all right." Maria Taylor One For the Shareholder


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Kit Mikazuki said...

Sounds like quite a weekend. I'm "itchn" to hear what happens (if anything) between you and the kid... !

Now that my podshow (called Nante Koto, which chronicles MY online dating adventures) is sailing along well, I'd love to have you as a guest sometime. Please check it out and let me know if you're interested. I think it'd be fun!

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