Friday, November 03, 2006


I have been sitting around all week, just waiting for the weekend. I am so excited for Red's birthday party tomorrow, I can barely stay in my chair right now. How excited is that exactly, you ask? Well, it's so excited that:

I'm baking cupcakes. I got white and chocolate cake and chocolate frosting and magic re-lighting candles and little candies that spell out happy birthday.

I got the decorations. We're not going overboard, but I got streamers and balloons and confetti. And a big sign that says "Happy Birthday" in colored, foil letters.

I'm getting a pedicure tonight. And I'm shaving my legs tomorrow and straightening my hair. You never do know who you can meet at Red's birthday party. And she is the world's best Wing Woman.

I'm carving a pumpkin. Didn't I already do that, you ask? Well, yes, I did, and here is a picture to prove it:

(mine is the one on the left and I called him Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel)

But I'm carving another pumpkin and this one will say "Happy Birthday."

Although Red and I have only been friends for a year now, she and I become closer all the time. She's a perfect fit in my life, and a wonderful friend. I want her to have a great birthday and to know that she means the world to me. In a city like LA, it's not easy to make strong personal connections and to keep them, so I do what I can to make sure that those I love know that they're loved.

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restaurant gal said...

Happy Birthday to Red! Good friends--best friends--make life the stuff of dreams. I have a very best-sister-friend I couldn't live without. So I get this friend thing, you know?

Cheers, The Gal