Monday, November 20, 2006

Simply Irresistible

It turns out that all it takes to become the most popular girl at Sunday football is a minor eye infection and a seriously congestive head cold.

I know this sounds weird, and believe you me - I'm more baffled than you are.

Yesterday The Sister, Red and I went to Barney's along with The Sis's friend. I developed this horrific head cold over the weekend and was trying to ignore it and enjoy my day. Irish showed up again this week, and this time he had the balls to actually come over and join the Redskins corner. I said hi in a cordial sort of way and would have been up for talking to him, but he didn't attempt to engage me in any sort of way. He mostly sat in the corner and watched the game, hardly participating and looking kind of sulky. I almost felt guilty. Almost. (Hey, I'm not the one that did the dumping.)

Somewhere near the end of the game (which we lost, very depressingly to a terrible team), I was pretty drunk (those mimosas just sneak up on me!) and I ended up somehow picking up another Redskins fan, someone I had met once or twice before. Then a bunch of us packed up and headed over to Big Wangs and The Fan said he would meet us there later during the Broncos game.

After the Broncos game started (and after I had started to sober-up, since I didn't have any more alcoholic beverages after leaving Barney's), I ended up talking to a cute Broncos fan from New Zealand who had met my friends there last week. Somehow my hoarse, phlegmy voice and my eyeglasses must have been an aphrodisiac - he started hitting on me quite blatantly by halftime. The Kiwi is cute though, so I wasn't discouraging him.

Then, The Fan shows up and I'm sitting there caught between two guys. I didn't really want to choose one on the spot and I didn't want to eliminate either from the possibility of future interaction, so I basically just tried to play it cool with both of them. I'm sure they had to have known what was going on - but maybe that was half the reason that they were both so interested - nothing's more entertaining than a little competition and heck - we are football fans here.

The funny thing is, all of this is going on with The Kid sitting right behind me.

He made a couple of attempts to get my attention and to see if he could get me to drool on him again this weekend, but I had already decided that I'm done with him and his actor-y ways. (By the way, I decided this weekend that "Actor" is a new derogatory slang term, as in: "I can't believe that guy just cut me off! What an actor!" It works surprisingly well.)

I seemed to have gotten away with flirting with both The Fan and The Kiwi all evening, and I thought I was doing pretty well in pulling off saying goodbye to both of them. I said farewell to The Kiwi and then we hung around for a couple more moments, after which I was saying goodbye to The Fan. I was mid-hug (you can't make out when you've got a nasty cold, darn it) when The Kiwi reappeared. I was left there, alone, between the two guys that had been hitting on me all night. It was quite awkward.

I gave The Kiwi my number and I told The Fan that I would see him at Barney's next Sunday. Phew! It was a lot of attention to receive in one day (and I didn't even get into the table of pretty cute Chargers fans that I was also flirting with - I'm such a hussy!).

Of course, I can't go out with anyone until after I take my test, but now at least I have the opportunity to scratch that itch that I was talking about.

Lyrics of the Day

"I know everybody here wants you. I know everybody here thinks he needs you." Jeff Buckley Everybody Here Wants You

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Papa jon said...

This is like the other day when I was driving down the road when all of a sudden this dude cut me off. I rolled down my window and said "Stop driving like an actor!"

Yea, it works.