Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lessons Unlearned

Last night I had a group of friends over for Monday Night Football. The Broncos were playing and nobody felt like braving the crowds in a bar, so I offered up my couch and my ESPN.

Of course, this guy is among the pals that I invited over. I'm finding that I'm at war with myself (again) over what to do with him. Obviously, I'm not going to date him. That, at least, is totally out of the question. I swore that I'm never going to date another actor, and I meant it. I really did. But the attention is really nice, and he's cute and well, I wanted him there. I actually sort of made sure that he would be on the regular invite list for our football watching from now on. What's the matter with me?

He ended up sitting next to me on the couch (it seemed intentional, but you never know with such things) and by the end of the evening, we were doing that funny, middle-school thing where your legs are constantly touching but you pretend that you're not paying attention to it. There was something dangerously, yet comfortingly familiar about it. It was like a cross between spending time with my closest guy friends (who are very physically affectionate) and being on a really good first or second date. Nothing at all happened at the end of the evening, but that feeling... I'm now cringing at the fact that I allowed myself to enjoy it so much and that I'm so attracted to him. Damn actors!

At some point in the evening, he made a reference about his brother - and I suddenly remembered a little fact that had slipped my mind. He's a twin. Does this have anything at all to do with the fortune that I was told last Thursday? God I hope not.

Lyrics of the Day

"'Cause the answer came, like a shot in the back, while you were running from your lesson; which might explain why, years later, all you could remember was the terror of the question." Ani DiFranco Marrow

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