Monday, October 16, 2006

Hail to the Redskins

Although the Redskins did not win yesterday (instead losing painfully to one of the worst teams in the league...), someone did.


I met a boy.

This is completely insane, because as you all know, I've been on total hiatus for almost 2 months now. I found out on Friday that I am eligible to take my crazy-hard professional certification exam and I'm taking it in less than two weeks. I had planned to buckle down and study my butt off for the next two weeks, then study for the second exam for two more weeks, then start formulating a plan to get the crap out of LA. And then, this.

I met a boy.

I actually originally met him two weeks ago at Barney's Beanery during a Redskins game. Actually, it was this day, but he didn't really try to spend that much time talking to The Sis and I, because we were being swooped on by the scummy guy from the aforementioned post. But as the game was gearing up yesterday, in he walks. I thought to myself that he was pretty cute and the three of us greeted each other as fans of the same sports team do - you can make friends very easily when united for a common cause. Eventually the boy, to be known as Irish henceforth, The Sis and I migrated outside to the patio, where most of the Redskins fans had congregated. We had a ridiculously good time, although many hearts were broken by the pathetic loss. We stayed at the bar much longer than we meant to, and finally around 3pm (we had arrived at Barney's at 9:30 am) we started heading out.

I went to hug Irish goodbye, but he aimed for a kiss. I thought that he was going to kiss me on the cheek and was fairly surprised when he landed a peck square on my lips. Surprised, but pleasantly. I had been feeling the chemistry, but wasn't expecting that at all. I thought that I would run into him again next week, and maybe things would go from there. I went to go to the bathroom before leaving and was surprised once again to find Irish waiting for me. He said, "So, what are you doing later today?" I told him that I was going to another bar around 5pm to watch the Denver Broncos play the night game with a crew of friends. I said that I'd be there the whole game if he wanted to stop by and hang out and he said that he would.

When he walked through the doors of Big Wang's (another sports bar where I watch football), I got really giddy. I realized that I actually really liked him and couldn't believe it. By the end of the night we were holding hands and touching legs under the table. When I asked him to drive me home, he was more than happy to do so. We made out like high school kids in the front seat of his car outside of my house for about 15 minutes before he suggested that we could hang out a bit longer.

Now, while I did not do anything entirely foolish or unladylike - I did not wake up alone this morning.

I have not had a boy in my bed in over a year and a half. I had nearly forgotten what it was like altogether. But let me tell you, it was more than nice to be reminded. I am falling head over heels into infatuation. I can't believe I forgot how amazing true chemistry really is.

Now, there is something that I haven't mentioned, but I think that it's best summed up in a Pros & Cons list about Irish. Here we go:

1. He's smart and adorable and funny
2. He's Irish Catholic and loves his family
3. He can sing
4. He loves many of the same movies I do, especially The English Patient
5. He works out at the same gym as I do (The Hollywood YMCA)
6. He lives fairly close to me
7. He has the same cell carrier, so we can talk for free
8. He's cuddly, and I don't mean that he's chubby
9. He shares my politics
10. He's a Redskins fan
11. He knows what it's like to sit down at a picnic table full of Maryland Blue Crabs and go to town
12. He's a real guy, he doesn't shave or wax or pluck anything that guys shouldn't shave or wax or pluck

1. He's an actor

That's it. It's the only one. And the chemistry is SO good, there's such a connection that I just don't care.

So it seems that I will have some stories to share after all...

Lyrics of the Day

"Are you having regrets about last night? I'm not, but I like rivers that rush in, so then I dove in." Tori Amos Sleeps With Butterflies

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restaurant gal said...

Well, if he's a 'Skins fan, he's IT, right?

Keep us posted!

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