Thursday, October 05, 2006

The [Long-Awaited] Update

I can't believe I've forgotten to post about this until now. Sometimes my brain just gets away from me.

After writing about Red's Big Internet Date last week, I didn't hear from her for a couple of days. Dying of anticipation, I called her on Friday to see how it went. I got no answer, so I left her a message scolding her for making me wait so long to find out what happened. I waited all night, but she didn't return the call.

Nor did she return the call on Saturday. Now, I can be a pretty Paranoid Polly and I start wondering, what if her internet date was the 1 in 1000 creepy psycho and he kidnapped her and is keeping her in an old barn in Ventura County or something?? I start musing on the fact that I wouldn't be anywhere on the contact list if something bad did happen to her. Who could I call that might know? Maybe I should start calling around to our school friends (that's how we know each other, we went to the same vocational training school). I don't know her parents' number, but I could try her work number if I really decide that I need to worry. But I swallowed all of my (probably silly) panicked thoughts and decided to give her a couple more days.

Sunday night, during those long hours that I lay awake in bed, my mind kept turning back to Red. What if something really did happen? This only served to give me one more reason not to fall back to sleep. I resolved to try to call her again on Monday, for surely she had to resurface sometime.

On Monday, she finally called me. Nothing at all had happened, of course. She had gotten busy after the date and then left town to climb Mt. McKinley over the weekend. I told her that I was starting to think that her date had run off with her and she was both amused and apologetic. Turns out that the date went really well. She liked the guy and found him attractive (a magic combination that I haven't experienced since Tall Guy) and they had a really nice time. She successfully survived her first Internet Dating Experience.

Lyrics of the Day

"I thought it was funny when you missed the train. When I rang you at home they said you left yesterday. I thought it was strange when your car was found by the tree in Ennis where we used to hang around." Dido Isobel

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