Thursday, October 05, 2006

Look Deep Into My Crystal Ball...

Today I was deciding whether to take lunch or see one more patient at work when I saw that the patient I had left to see was leaving her room to go downstairs for something. I thought that it was quite convenient of fate to make my decision for me and I stood next to her, waiting for the elevator. She was in a wheelchair (due to shortness of breath when walking, not an inability to walk), but was having trouble maneuvering it among all of the people getting onto the elevator. I held the door for her and made sure that she could fit in (I have a stalwart belief in elevator etiquette.). When the doors opened back up on the ground floor, I told her that I was going to help steer her out of the elevator, because she was turned so that her back faced the door. I helped her out and she thanked me and then I took lunch.

It was over three hours later that I was finally able to get back to her floor to perform her exam. Somewhere in the middle of the exam, she remarked that I had a great energy. I didn't think much of this, because I'm extremely congenial and compassionate at work, so people are so kind as to compliment my spirit/attitude/smile often. Then she said that things had been changing a lot for me in the past four months. I said, well, yes they had, but they had been changing almost constantly for a couple of years now. Then I realized what was going on. She was giving me a reading. I asked, to be sure, if she gave readings or if she just got general feelings about people. She said that she gives readings, then proceeded to give me one.

She said that there was a guy and my mind immediately went to The Ex, even though it's been such a stupidly long time since that brief and ill-advised affair. She said that he had obviously hurt me, and that I still had feelings for him, but that it was for the best that we didn't work out. That he wasn't a soul mate. Most importantly, she said that I need to let my walls down and learn to trust again. Belief in psychic powers or no, she really hit the nail on the head with that one.

She proceeded to say that she saw me meeting a man, a strong man. That it would happen when I'm a year or maybe a year and a half older than I am now. That I would meet him through a friend. I asked her if it would be in LA or somewhere else. She put her hand on my arm and asked if I wanted to leave LA. I said that I did, but that I also had a hard time thinking about leaving this job. She said one word to me, "Go."

(The last time I was given this advice, it was by a very dear friend and it was in response to the question of whether or not I should move to LA. He said, "Go." It felt true and I went and here I am.)]

She also asked if there were twins in my family, which there are. My mother's aunt had twins, twins and triplets. My patient said she saw twins in my future. A third child as well. (THREE?? I'm not even sure I want any at all?!) She said she saw happiness.

I thanked her and left with a greater feeling of general well-being than I had felt in a long time. Whether her perceptions mean anything or not, whether they're based on something she really sees or just a mishmash of guesses and leading phrases, whether any of that stuff ever really happens - that good, warm-fuzzy feeling was a gift in and of itself.

Lyrics of the Day

"I know soon you will be over the lies and you'll be strong. You'll be rich in love and you will carry on." Matchbox Twenty You Won't Be Mine

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restaurant gal said...

I don't know if she's a "real" reader or not, but, um, kind of interesting....Chance encounters, perceptive advice--I am not sure it's all just by chance.

Thinking good readings for you, always,

The Gal