Monday, October 02, 2006

There May Be Some Hope Yet

Yesterday, my usual crew of football friends was AWOL, so I nearly bagged the idea of watching my game altogether. Fortunately, The Sister gave me a ring at the exact right moment and we decided to go catch the Redskins / Jaguars game at Barney's Beanery. I don't know if it's the fact that I wasn't with any other guys (I'm usually with at least one during game days), or if the atmosphere at Barney's is just different from where I usually watch but it ended up being an immensely entertaining social experience.

While I didn't actually get any dates out of the afternoon, I did have some faith renewed in the existence of football-watching-beer-drinking-hairy-legged Real Men in Los Angeles. I talked to one guy for a while who was really sweet and I think that he wanted to ask for my number but couldn't work up the nerve. The Sister and I both got hit on by a guy who was quite cute, but then we realized that he was one of those slimy guys that does little other than try to hit on anything with female DNA. Our friend, who was bartending, confirmed our suspicions when he pulled The Sis aside and told her to watch out for him and that he was a scumbag. Shucks. We also made friends with some of the other Redskins fans there and I realized that there is little that can bring people together faster than the shared love of a sports team. We cheered, we communed, we yelled at the television, we screamed like crazy when the Redskins scored a touchdown. Of course, the whole thing was made much more perfect by the fact that we won in OT.

Then, for some reason, last night I didn't sleep. I woke up around 1:30 am and found myself completely unable to get back to find my way back to dream land. I turned on my iPod (I love to listen to audiobooks as I'm falling asleep) and just lay there for 4 hours, unable to sleep or get comfortable. Even worse is that the book I'm listening to is a Stephen King book and I had this strange sense of unease that made me unwilling to have any of my body parts outside of my covers. I can't explain the weird rationale that seems perfectly logical at 2:00 am; in the light of day I know that I was being silly, but last night I just couldn't bear to have my arms hanging out in the open. I don't know if the book (being completely riveting) made the insomnia worse, or if it just gave me something to do, but I finally ended up dozing off for about 30 minutes just after 6:00 am. Today, I feel like I'm in some surreal limbo state. Everything is hazy and my eyes burn and my heart beats too fast. I've been staring at the screen now for a while, and I'm having very little luck making anything as witty or interesting or coherent as I would like to, so I think that I'm just going to give it up for the day.

Hopefully tomorrow I will return after some serious sleep and be my bright-eyed, bushy-tailed self again.

Lyrics of the day

"Now I lay me down not to sleep, I just get tangled in the sheets. I swim in sweat 3 inches deep, just lay back and claim defeat." Barenaked Ladies Who Needs Sleep

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Anonymous said...

When are you going to go on more internet dates? I thought that was the point of this whole blog? You are talking about your past, and not going on dates.