Sunday, September 10, 2006

Play It Again, Sam

I just got back from a barbecue party at a friend's house in the Valley (the San Fernando Valley if you non-Angelenos want to get specific). The friend, I can't even think of a good name for him, is an old one that I sort of knew in college and have become better friends with while living in LA. We both love football and good music, so we get along well.

At this bbq, I reconnected with a very sweet guy that I met with the same group of people during football season last year. We were just chatting away, and I was thinking about how sweet he is, and how he's sorta cute. And he's a Montana-type boy (from Wyoming, went to school at Montana State) so he's even more appealing. We talk more, he moves in closer, starts touching me, makes me laugh. Then he does the number one thing that is virtually guaranteed to melt my heart: he notices my ever-morphing eye color. I know that sounds stupid, but the Speed Freak (during our entire relationship) could never tell you what color my eyes were. And here this guy is, noticing right off the bat. I start thinking, gee you're really cute. And then it happens.

He spills the beans.

He's an actor.

Why, OH, WHY!?

I have got to get out of this town.

Lyrics of the Day

"Your dreams of acting on screen, what do they mean? You'll be dancing senseless in your bedroom. And you'll find yourself out of a job and before too long you'll be selling lemonade to the overpaid." The Stills Still in Love Song

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