Friday, September 22, 2006

Armpit of the State

Lovely readers, I am going to have to sign off for the weekend a little bit early this week. I'm heading to glamorous Bakersfield, California for a weekend of family fun celebrating my grandfather's 86th birthday. Or, as he likes to call it, the beginning of his 87th year.

For those who know nothing about Bakersfield, you can visit the official website here, or you could just watch this video and find out what Bako is really all about...

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and I'll report back on Monday.

Lyrics of the Day

"I've done a thousand miles of thumbin'. I've worn holes in both my heels, trying to find me something better on the streets of Bakersfield." Buck Owens Streets of Bakersfield

1 comment:

Papa jon said...

You give me crap about quoteing Hasselhoff and then put on this music video?!?!

Have a great weekend!